Alphorn mouthpieces

The best alphorn is useless if the mouthpiece does not fit. Every alphorn player knows that finding the right mouthpiece is not easy. I myself am constantly searching. With the mouthpieces of the Helvetic-el series I have created a mouthpiece with medium cup depth and a rather narrow rim. The mouthpieces of the series Helvetic-el, are available in the sizes 16.5 – 20.

According to your ideas these mouthpieces are turned by hand to the best of my knowledge. If you are looking for a special big mouthpiece, a mouthpiece with a special cup or rim, come by and we will discuss your request. With my “special mouthpieces” I try to fulfill your wishes.

Alphorn Mundstück Elsbeer

Mouthpiece wild servicetree

Considered the largest native rose plant. The beauty of the wood and the characteristics in processing make the “beautiful Else” a popular wood for turner and instrument makers.

Alphorn Mundstück Buchs

Mouthpiece boxwood

The hardest wood in Europe. Boxwood is ideal for turning and can be used as mouthpiece wood. At present, however, the boxwood borer is making life difficult for this plant. The difficulty with boxwood is to find a trunk with the right diameter.

Alphorn Mundstück Eibe

Mouthpiece yew tree

The hardest pine wood from our forests. This tree has something mystical and was also called the “tree of the druids” by the Celts. Yew wood is extremely flexible and is therefore often used to make bows.

Alphorn Mundstück Kunststoff

Mouthpiece POM

Beautifully shaped, wonderful sounding mouthpieces made out of plastic POM. These mouthpieces can be cleaned with water, so there are no hygienic problems or concerns.

This mouthpiece is only available in size 18.

Alphorn Mundstück Spezial

Special mouthpiece

Finding the ideal mouthpiece is not easy. I myself am always looking out for an even better or better fitting mouthpiece. I enjoy experimenting. I always have a certain number of different mouthpieces in stock. You have to test these mouthpieces in my workshop. I do not send samples.

Wild servicetree
Yew tree





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