Mouthpieces «Helvetic ck»

Standing still means going backwards. After years of trial and error I can now proudly present my 2nd generation mouthpieces. A deep cup provides a warm, mellow sound. The medium wide rim allows flexible playing without tiring the lips.

By integrating and constantly adapting to initial feedback I am making sure that I am always staying on the right track. To provide satisfaction to my customers from all over the world is the incentive that keeps me testing, searching, exploring and producing. Because, as I said, standing still means going backwards!

Alphorn Mundstück ck Birne

Mouthpieces pear wood

The local pear wood is hard and of very high quality. Steaming gives the wood a beautiful reddish-brown colour. The ideal wood for alphorn mouthpieces.

Available in sizes: 17/17.5/18/18.5/19/19.5/20


Alphorn Mundstück ck Birne gross

Large mouthpieces

for trombonists, euphonium players or tuba players

These alphorn mouthpieces in pear wood faciliates a comfortable transaction of brass to alphorn. The relatively narrow bore allows easy playing across the octaves. Of course, the bore can also be adjusted and enlarged.

Available in sizes: 21/22/23/24/25/26/27

Alphorn Mundstück ck Olive

Mouthpieces olive wood

Olivewood doesn’t only keep convincing with it’s beautiful appearance. The slightly oily, hard wood can easily be modeled into the desired shape as well as being very durable. Since I am strategically not using exotic woods olive woods presents the perfect alternative. What has grown over centuries deserves not only the greatest care but respect during manufacturing.

Available in sizes: 17/17.5/18/18.5/19/19.5/20

Alphorn Mundstück ck Birne Stocker

Mouthpieces Stocker

for Stocker Alphorns

Josef Stocker has been making alphorns for many years. The alphorns from Kriens are very well known and popular all over the world. The mouthpiece cone of these horns differs from the cone of my alphorns and most brands. So that the “Helvetic ck” mouthpieces can also be used with Stocker alphorns, which we have adapted the cone accordingly.

Available in sizes: 17/17.5/18/18.5/19/19.5/20

Alphorn Mundstück ck Auswahl
Pear wood
Olive wood
Pear wood big
Pear wood Stocker

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