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My 4-piece alphorn has a wide scale which gives the sound fullness and volume. Do you want to buy an alphorn?
I offer you an alphorn which is especially characterized by its easy response.

Alphorn in 4 parts

Like my mentor Gérald Pot, I bet on four-piece alphorns. Gérald Pot was among the first to build 4-piece alphorns. The advantage over the proven 2 and 3-piece horns for transport is obvious. Thanks to the decades of experience of my teacher and my own knowledge I can offer you a 4-piece alphorn which convinces with a wonderful sound and an easy response.
I use mountain spruce for my alphorns. The cup is also made of spruce as standard, but can also be supplied in Swiss stone pine on request.

The price includes a carrying bag specially developed for this alphorn. I am particularly proud to point out that the bag for the instrument is also made in Switzerland:

Alphorn vierteilig auf Baumstrunk
Alphornbecher Arvenholz

Alphorn cup from Swiss stone pine

Who doesn’t know the Swiss stone pine. The fine mountain wood, which is often and gladly interspersed with branches, delights the eye with its beauty and enchants our nose with its fine scent.
For me as an alphorn maker, however, it is all about the sound. The soft wood of this tree, which is also called the Queen of the Alps, makes the sound velvety and soft. This characteristic is especially important when playing in a church or concert hall.


Would you like a painted mug? Angela Oberhänsli from Mosnang understands wonderfully how to translate my customers’ wishes into pictures.

Alphorn Bemalung Edelweiss

Buy an alphorn CHF 3700.-

4-part alphorn in the tuning GES or F
included in the price is the alphorn bag especially designed for this alphorn

Rental-purchase CHF 80.-/month

The minimum rental period is 6 months. If you purchase your rental Alphorn, you will get a discount depending on the duration of your rent. (CHF. 62.-/month)

 Change of key

Starting with the 4-part alphorn in GES, it is possible to change the key of the alphorn by replacing the tubes. Depending on the tuning, the exchange of one or more tubes (kit) is necessary.


CHF 350.-

Key F

CHF 350.-

Key A

CHF 450.-

Kit (2 Rohre)

Key AS

CHF 450.-

Kit (2 Rohre)

Key B

CHF 300.-

Key E

CHF 550.-

Kit (2 tubes)

Key ES

CHF 600.-

Kit (2 tubes)

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