About me

Since I was a child I loved to make things out of wood. An apprenticeship as a technical model builder was an obvious choice. After further commercial training I changed to the office. Soon I noticed that I was missing the manual work.

I started to set up a workshop to work handicraft in my free time. Works were created which I presented under the label www.wiler-hofpferde.ch

By a lucky chance I met Gérald Pot. He told me about his passion for alphorns. I was fascinated by his work and knew immediately that I would like to build alphorns as well. Now everything for me is revolving around the alphorn. I love the sound of the alphorn and the natural tones. With my colleagues I enjoy playing the alphorn.

Gérald Pot

For almost half a century Gérald Pot has been creating alphorns in his small workshop in the Lower Valais. His Alphorns are known and appreciated far beyond the borders of the country.  He was the first alphorn maker to bring a wonderful sounding 4-piece alphorn onto the market. I am grateful for everything I was allowed to learn and experience from him.

Alphornbauer Roland Zahner

Roland Zahner

  • Alphorn passioned
  • Technology interested lovers of shapely things made of wood and music of different styles
  • Father of two adult daughters